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White Orchid Bridal opened its doors in 2008 in a tiny space in historic Happy Hollar in Knoxville, Tennessee. The original concept was a bridal accessory boutique focusing on a memorable experience, offering custom handmade bridal accessories, one-of-a-kind items, and unique vintage finds. As time progressed, WOB expanded to offering full custom-designed gowns as well as vintage gown redesign and restoration.

Ready for a new adventure, WOB relocated to Atlanta in 2014, fully re-opening in 2017.  During that time, many things changed in the bridal industry, and as selling online ballooned in popularity, WOB shifted focus, transforming into a gown tailoring studio, allowing WOB to keep its original mission of crafting a personal, memorable experience for each and every bride.  The world has plenty of gowns, but an experienced caring tailor can be hard to find, and that is why we are still here doing what we love after all these years!

Colleen Moore

Owner, Designer and Fitter

I often get asked how I started working on wedding gowns and what led me to this career. The answer is simple: I fell into it somewhat. I was born and raised in Michigan and, growing up, wanted nothing more than to become a ballet dancer. Looking back now, the movement, the music, and especially the costumes made me fall in love with the art form. Teaching myself to sew I began creating costumes while still in school followed by a BA in Dance and an Art minor. After college, friends began tying the knot and asking me to create and sew for their weddings, and well, that’s really how it all began.

I’ve always used my dance and art training in what I do. Anyone can create a gown, but making one fit well, flatter the figure, and move at ease is my specialty, and I have my dance training to thank for that. Studying the body is just as important as the dress itself, if not more.

I’m an old soul at heart and prefer a slower way of life. I enjoy history, art, classical music, and nature. The best day for me is a simple and quiet day. I hope to bring my love of all these things into my work and make your dress fitting a relaxing, calm, and joyful experience.

Safiyeh Mahbubi

Lead Seamstress

Kimber Russell

Virtual Assistant



Colleen is not only an amazing seamstress, but an all around wonderful person to work with. She worked on my wedding dress for my wedding in October 2021. She was patient, kind, and efficient, listening to all of my concerns and providing insight and feedback into her process. Could not recommend her enough!

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