Why Custom?

Why a custom gown? For every bride the reason may be a bit different. We are surrounded by a sea of beautiful things. It can seem as though everything and anything can be found these days. However, sometimes finding just what you want can feel as though you are searching for a needle in a haystack. Perhaps having a custom gown or accessory designed and created especially for you is just the thing.

Who is the the custom bride? A bride who..

  • Loves the idea of having a gown designed just for her.
  • Is searching for something unique and special that stands apart from the rest.
  • Is struggling to find a flattering or comfortable fitting gown
  • Appreciates hand stitching and couture sewing techniques.
  • Loves quality fabrics and vintage materials.
  • Loves supporting independent designers and local artists.
  • A green bride.
  • Enjoys the experience of working one on one with a designer.

Any reason is reason enough!

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