The Custom and Vintage Process

The custom and vintage process of having a gown designed and created is a bit different from simply picking out a dress. Shopping and searching for the perfect gown can be difficult and challenging for many brides, creating unwanted stress and frustration. I always work hard to ensure the process of having a gown custom created be enjoyable, fun, and most importantly relaxing and stress free.

The custom experience is different for every bride depending on what she is having designed and created.  Below is a guideline that outlines the process for a CUSTOM GOWN. Vintage gown restoration or redesign can differ depending on project. Accessory design generally consists of one or two appointments only.

The Process

The Consultation. ($50 fee)

A one hour introduction appointment. We explore ALL aspects of the wedding, including dress options and ideas but generally do not settle on a design at this time. The consultation can be a lot of fun and very helpful in clearing up any confusion brides may be having. This appointment is simply to explore ideas and meet one another, it does not bind the bride to any contract. If the bride chooses to have a custom gown made, we move onto the next step.

First Appointment. (First Deposit Due)

We meet and explore gown ideas in further detail. Sketches of the gown may be done at this time also. Measurements are taken, and the construction timeline is established.


The next 2-4 appointments are used to fit the the gown in the construction stages. Each fitting generally lasts for 30 minutes.

Final Fitting.

The final fitting is used to make sure the gown is set and ready and the finishing touches are made.

The Final Meeting.

Bring a few of your friends, have a glass of champagne. You are getting married and the dress is done!  We unveil the gown and put your whole wedding look together one last time while you and your pals sip some champagne and relax.

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