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White Orchid Bridal, Knoxville TNI was born and raised in a small town in Michigan.. creative, energetic, and a bit of an odd ball. Naturally, I gravitated towards the theatre. I began taking ballet lessons at age eight and quickly fell in love with all it had to offer. Beautiful music, romance, and of course, more than anything the costumes!

It was through my love of costumes I became interested in sewing. As an adolescent I started by creating headpieces and crowns. It was not long after that I started teaching myself to sew, learning to design and construct my own costumes. I then pursued degree in the arts, earning a B.A. in Dance.

Not long after college I began sewing and designing for bridal. It shares many of the elements I fell in love with as a child… romantic love stories, a bit of fantasy, and of course beautiful gowns! I pull many of my ideas and inspiration through history and my years in dance. I study the way fabric flows as one moves, the lines a great cut creates. I dye many of my fabrics to get just the right shade of color or tint. I pay strict attention to detail, design, and quality. I absolutely love what I do and feel very lucky each and every day to be able to do it!


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